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Flying Planete

We are a small French paragliding company with a beautiful base in Greece. Our objective is to offer you the best paragliding holidays you ever had, either you are a low airtime or competition pilot.
You might not do your biggest Xc flights here, but you will probably do your most beautiful. You will be flying over islands, villages, archeological sites and the endless sea before landing on a beautiful beach or at your hotel at the end of most Xc.

We have the knowledge (25 years!), the minibuses (three x 9 seaters), the guides (3 to 4 depends o bookings), the flying sites (10 in all directions), the hotel on the beach (38 rooms), some of the best weather in Europe, and the Greek food and way of life!

And as a bonus, finally a flying place where you can bring your partner or family!

We are open from the 15 of March to the 28 of June 2023 and from the 1st of September to the 10 of November 2023.

Photo from the Shark Race
A wonderful challenge and an original Xc in Greece.
Paragliding in Greece
Flying over one of the most beautiful places in Europe
Excursion to the Epidavros Ancient Theatre
Visit the world famous Ancient Theatre of Epidavros, one of the most well-preserved ancient theatres in the world.
Excursions in Greece
Go on an sightseeing excursion around the Peloponnese
The Sunken city of in Epidavros
The underwater ruins in the Epidavros area are a unique site to fly over and you can also explore it on one of our kayaks!
Sunken City Ruins
Paraglide over the ruins of an ancient underwater city

Hotel Landing Site

The landing of the hotel has always been a bit technical and when the tide is at its highest (yet not very high in the Mediterranean) the risk of getting your glider wet or ending up in an umbrella was not non-existent. We decided from 2022 to use another beach, 30% wider and twice as long, which eliminates the problem. Well, there will be 10 minutes of walking! See the latest video of our new landing site on our flying page!

Methochi (600m)

We were missing all these years a low-altitude, South-west flying site, we finally found one.
The launch is located on the caldera of an ancient volcano. It will probably become our new main afternoon site. It’s close by, has a good soaring and some of the best thermals of all of our flying sites.
The bad news is that there is about 20 min steep walk to reach the take off.

For 2022, we have created a challenge that should be fun! Take a look at our page "The Shark race".

Shark Race

The competition where it's recommended to know to swim faster than a Shark!

In 2007, Clement Latour (2nd at the 2015 Red Bull X-Alpes) and Christophe Dubois (Flying Planete manager) made an original Xc. Taking off from Peter Paradise (Didima), they climb to cloud base at 3000m, went to the coast, and decided to try to reach the island of Methana. Flying over the sea for 7 km, they reach Methana and went back to cloud base.

More Info
The Objective

To do the same but with rescues boat, Vhf and safety equipment.

The Challenge

You will try reach Methana island (or Poros island) and ideally make it back to the Apollon hotel, our base.


You can fly at any time and as many times as you want, from any of the choice flying site all the 6 days..


The idea is to have as much fun as possible in the beautiful surroundings..